Name : Le Cossec

First name : Clément Louis Marie 

Born: February 20 1921 in the town: Tréffiagat, department: Finistère, France

Died: July 22, 2001 in Le Mans, France

His Father was the lighthouse guardian at the lighthouse named “The Jument”

near the island of Ouessant, later at the lighthouse Antifer, near the town of Etretat. 

He had 2 sisters and 1 brother, Augustine the oldest followed by Louis and Yvette.

His native language was Breton. His mother often told him “Clément if you do are not a good boy the termajis (Breton word for bohemians) will take you”.  He knew poverty, when small he would walk barefoot so he would not wear out is sabots. He would collect Seagull eggs on the dangerous cliffs for his mother.


It was at Le Havre during an Evangelistic Campagne by Douglas Scott and Jefferson that his father, who was ill, was miraculously healed in one of the meetings and all the family became saved. (read the passage about his conversion at the age of 14  in ‘missionary stories’).


While he was working on his civil engineer degree, he responded to a call to the ministry to serve God, it was 1939.

He took several theological classes, along with correspondent classes through the “Bible School and Missionary Association in 1939. He studied Editing at a school in Paris called ABC, successfully finishing in 1951.


He became a Pastor with the French Assemblies of God, that he would later leave to begin several mission works among the Gypsies. Some years later he returned to the French Assembly of God up to the end of his life.


Pastor meeting at Oissel 1942
The last public meeting he attended was the National Convention of the Assemblies of God  at Josserand in 2001. Several  Gypsy Leaders have been trained in Assembly of God Bible Scools, such as in India, Solomon received 3 years of training.

His weeding with Thérese Taillois, on 17th november 1941 and give birth to eight chidren