Biblical truths

biblical truth


In this confused world where multiple doctrines show up based on man's opinions and traditions, it is more than ever useful to go back to the BIBLE teaching . 

The author wanted to realize a series of brochures introducing on a simple and concise way the BIBLICAL TRUTHS essential to the christian faith. 

The reader is invited to follow the example of the christians from Beree of which it is said in the Acts that they examined every day the SCRIPTURES to know if what was said to them was accurate.           Acts 17 :11 

Be this biblical presentation of which the evangelist Douglas SCOTT said it was the most comprehensive he has ever read the subject of your attention.

Beyond the visible world, there is an invisible spiritual world and your soul is a reality in your body that expresses joys ans griefs.

Be the reading of this BIBLICAL TRUTH a means for you to discover THE JOY of Salvation, the peace of heart.

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